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ABout Us

Colorful Homes

The word Barrio comes from a Filipino word that means neighborhood. I believe individuals are stronger when they can come together as a community. The Barrio is where we help each other through challenges and  celebrate one another's successes. I hope to one day create a community of small business owners that promotes inclusivity, creativity, and tenacity. 

Let me help you further your goals and ignite your impact on the community and the rest of the world.

Hi! My name is Nicole Cayanan, I am based out of Edmonton, Alberta and I get super excited (maybe too excited?) about web design. My goal is to promote the amazing small businesses in my community and that starts with a great website! I aim to get you up and live as quick as possible so you can start selling and sharing your story online! I also provide in-depth website reviews and what works and what doesn't work. I am hyper focused on speed and branding.


I want to know who you are as a person AND as a business since these are key parts to both your brand and mission. Let's talk!



Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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