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Website Building Service

Welcome to the neighborhood!

We are focused on getting you live FAST and building CONNECTIONS within your community. 

Why Pick me?

We all know the significant impact ]small businesses have on the economy and community as a whole. They are the backbone of the entrepreneurial ecosystem; it simply wouldn't exist without them. We all have that favourite donut shop owned by a lovely old couple and that boutique store that carries your unique brand of jeans. Where we would be without them?


I've lived in Edmonton, Alberta, my whole life and I've seen so many great changes over the years, from the Henday being built (how did we get around before this?) to the astonishing feat of the Ice District (it really is something to behold). One of the most notable changes that I have noticed are how small businesses are lining the streets more than ever before. I think it's because Edmontonians' dedication to their community has increased over time and they want to support their next-door entrepreneur. 

Having worked with small business owners over the past few years through my 9-5, the common issue I've noticed among them is their lack of online visibility. This can be due to many reasons, like cost or most commonly, time. It seems to be a priority that's always pushed to the back. This is where I come in.

My primary goals for you are simple: to get you out there, to be easily found by your target customers, and to create an online space for you where your story and amazing products or services can be showcased.

Let's get the ball rolling! 

A well-designed website offers credibility, builds trust and forms a relationship between you and your customers.

Why Shopify & wix?

Shopify is becoming one of the biggest e-commerce platforms because of its wide range of sales tools and easy-to-use navigation. It also offers various templates, some of which are free, that beautifully showcase products. 

Wix is a well-known web designing platform that has become a favourite among web designers due to its ease of use and creative capabilities.

Since these user-friendly platforms allow me to create websites so efficiently, I am able to offer affordable rates to you, my future client! 

I offer free, no-obligation consultations where we discuss your business' goals and website needs. These can be done via phone or Zoom. It's time to showcase your business online, book a consultation to get started!

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